Review of Inevitable by Angela Graham

I have never got up to get to the computer so fast as I did to get to the computer and on Amazon then when I got to the last page of Inevitable….Thank goodness book 2 is out!

This story of Cassie and Logan is absolutely breath taking. Cassie and her boyfriend, Mark, break up after 5 years of being together when she catches him sleeping with someone else. Cassie has lost all hope in the male species, nobody even catches her eye anymore. That is until she gets a new neighbor, Logan. The back and forth banter, some sexual, between the two of them is comical as well as refreshing. The relationship that they build is one that most people want. I definitely recommend this book but be aware that it does end in a cliffhanger so be prepared to have book 2, or just go ahead and buy it now lol.


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