Cover Reveal of Lather by Nicki Rae

Title: Lather
Author: Nicki Rae
Release Date: June 20, 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance


***Warning: Some sexual scenes and bad language.***
18 year old Emily
Jenkins is from a small town in Indiana. She has just graduated High
School and is going through a tough time; she is ready to start
college and get on with her life. But, before she even gets a chance to
start college, unforeseen events thrust her right back in to the life
of her ex. Will she survive him and be able to continue with her life or
will she be drawn back to him?

Logan Moore has just returned home
from College for the summer. He has had a rough first year, all of his
own making. He wants to right some of the wrongs that he has created
over the last year, but it is proving more difficult than he thought.
After a tragic accident, that he feels is his fault, Logan tries to cope
with the guilt and is offered help by someone he least expects.

Will their lives ever be the same?
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We start driving and I am expecting to be heading toward his house and “our spot” but we
are not driving the right way.
 Confused I ask, “Where are we going Logan?” 

smiles, that sexy make my mouth water smile. I instantly know he is up to
something. Two can play at this game. Before Logan got here, I changed into very short shorts. I reach into my purse and pull out a bottle of
lotion. I put my leg up on the dash board and start messaging lotion into them,
slowly. I see him briefly look and then his eyes are back at the road. I rub
the lotion up my thigh, farther than necessary. I put my other leg on the dash and
do the same.  Im pretty sure I hear a growl escape him.
 “You ok, babe?”
I say sweetly; he smirks.

 “Just fine, thanks.”
“Ok, good.”
I say and put my hand on his thigh.
 I rub his leg a little, my hand getting a
little higher and higher. He puts his hand on mine, stopping me from
 Ok, what now? I take my hand from his thigh and as I start to move
it up to my hair, I rub my other hand from chest up to my neck seductively. I close my eyes and
moan, “Mmm.”
 I see a smirk creep up on Logan’s face and he
just puts his sunglasses on. What the hell? 
I lazily put my hair up and look
out the window, somewhat pouting. Except for the occasional glance at one
another, we are silent the rest of the trip, which is absolutely disappointing;
I was trying so hard. I was hoping for anything other than silence.

About the author 

Nicki Rae was born in Ohio
only to move to Indiana when she was eight. Currently, she still resides
in Indiana with her husband, son and two cats. When she isn't writing,
you can probably find her at her day job as a banker. She has always
been an avid reader but only recently decided she had too many stories
floating around in her head, screaming to get out (She is only slightly
crazy, though). ;)

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