Review Requests

We are accepting reviews. We have a review team of 9 members, accepting most genres. To be considered for a review please fill out our REVIEW FORM :

Review Policy

Books we will review:

*New Adult/College








Books we will consider:



Books we will not review:


We reserve the right to refuse to review a book at the time of submission.  If we feel that your work does not fall in the guidelines above we will not accept your offer. We work really hard to make all of our reviews as honest as possible. We want our review to help build your sales not tear them down.  If we feel that we cannot give at least a 3 star review of a submission we will not publish our review on any platforms. In the event that we inform you that we will not publish your review tantrums will not be tolerated. 

Interaction is encouraged between authors and readers if they comment on the post of your review. If at any point there is any fighting, negativity, etc we will delete the comments off of the post and close the commenting for that post.

We love doing this. We have a lot of fun working with authors and interacting with our followers. However, we receive no compensation for our time, so deadlines and posting dates are subject to change without notice. Life happens and things come up, we will try our hardest to keep our deadline for you. 


Our goal is to help support indie authors, aspiring authors, and already established authors. Publicity is such a huge part of helping you guys. Some of what we do (always open to any other suggestions):


*Guest posts / Spotlights on the blog/facebook page

*Participation in cover reveal, release and blog tours (cross posted on blog, facebook, twitter & insagram)

*Author and Character Interviews

*Giveaways (eBooks, swag, paperbacks)

If you would like Two Chicks and a Dude to do any promotional spots ie Spotlight, Sales Promo, etc for you please include with your submission:

* Title

* Genre

* Book Cover

* Teasers (optional)

*Short author bio (100 words or less)

*Links to your blog or website

*Social networking profiles

Please submit promo posts @ Subject Line “PROMO POST SUBMISSION”

If you would for Two Chicks and a Dude to sign up for cover reveals, release blitz and blog tours please direct your emails to Chelsea with the subject line ” ATT: CHELSEA – SIGN UP (author name + Book title)


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